G- Rated : Graphic

In this digital age, as technology advances, so does the capacity of creativity. From posters and magazine spreads to logo’s and advertisements, graphic art has taken the world by storm. Graphic design has become an art form that has sought to bridge the gap between the world of technology and art. G-Rated is a show that seeks to showcase the graphic arts, from screen printing to digital design.  

Become a featured artist in the brand new exhibition, “G-Rated" at New City Studio and

Applicants should submit:

3-5 works to be exhibited

1 current Artist Statement

1 short paragraph describing the work, and how it relates to the exhibition’s theme

Apply to the show by: April 23rd

Tune in to see the selected artists on: April 26th

Attend the exhibition opening on May 3rd

To apply please click the button below, thanks!