Snow melting on an icy bank, leaves that turn from green to yellow to brown and eventually drift away,  best friends that move away, kids that grow up, moments that pass before our eyes. How do we capture those moments that within seconds can never be recreated or encapsulated? Kinesis is a show about the transitions that we all experience in life, whether it be physically, metaphysically, or emotionally. 

Become a featured artist in the brand new exhibition, "Kinesis" at New City Studio and

Applicants should submit:

3-5 works to be exhibited

1 current Artist Statement

1 short paragraph describing the work, and how it relates to the exhibition’s theme

Apply to the show by: January 21st

Tune in to see the selected artists on: January 23rd

Attend the exhibition opening on February 1st

To apply please click the button below, thanks!